I hand-print my wallpaper, or send it to large-format digital printers. I cut blocks from large sheets of German lino and print them in my Brixton Village 5th Avenue studio, or screen-print them round the corner at London Printworks Trust, an open-access textile printing workshop.


 Me screen-printing at London Printworks Trust 


That Feral Mob, a screen-printed wallpaper using the Toile de Jouy format. This commemorative design is named from David Cameron's notorious comment on two young students supposedly pulling a mounted policeman from his horse during the anti education cuts demonstration in late 2010. They were charged with violent disorder but eventually acquitted- the policeman was leaning over to attack them and then fell off because he'd forgotten to tighten the horse's girth.




This is a  two block, three colour design called Bicycle Chain. You can see it above with George's track bike (a Freddie Grubb 1959 Comet) propped against it for scale.


 A single block two colour design called  Pay Advice , based on the security pattern on the back of my pay advice slips. Dogs in front for scale.


All rolls are 10m long by 52cm wide, therefore  each roll covers 5.2m². The wallpaper is hand-printed to order, and delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks.

2 colour designs cost £160 / 187€ per roll and 3 colour designs cost £180 / 210€ per roll. 

Postage (printed matter) within the UK costs £7.50 for 1 roll, £9 for 2 rolls and £12 for 3 rolls. Within the EEC costs are 11€ for 1 roll, 21€ for 2 rolls and 25€ for 3 rolls.

Price enquiries to m@matthewmeadows.net